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April 2016

Greetings members and friends of the Illawarra Beekeepers Assoc. inc. and welcome another edition of “the Buzz” for 2016. We need your contributions so if you have anything to mention here, please contact us.

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Night Meeting: 7pm Thu 14 APR 2016

Topics: Box Building, Frame Assembly & Maintenance
Presented by: Lamorna Osborne & Seasoned Beekeepers
This month, we visit the basics of good beekeeping including the building of your boxes, frame assembly, repairs and maintenance. We will demonstrate the best options to not only put boxes together but also wiring frames and keeping them in good shape making it easier for your bees and when inspect or extract your frames.

Field Day: 10am Sun 24 APR 2016

Agenda: Full Review of Hives, Preparing your hives for Winter
Summer is now long behind us and as the weather turns cold, it’s important to pack down your hives for the cold days and chilly nights. We will discuss and demonstrate the best methods to see your colonies over the winter.

Honey Land at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

We recently contributed some time at the Honey Land stand at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The stand is hosted by the NSW Apiarists Assoc. With the help of many volunteers who donate their time and skills to the effort. All reports are Honey Land was a great success with huge crowds sampling several honey varieties along with the sale of a great array of honey, bee pollen and other bee treats they also witnessed the live demonstration in the “Bee-zeebo”. Honey land was also awarded 2nd prize for the stands inside the Woolworths exhibition hall. Congratulations must also go to the winners in the apiarists competition including honey, pollen and honey comb frames. If you missed the show this year, make sure you go along in 2017 where it’s sure to be even bigger and better.

What We Did Last Month

At our evening meeting, Janice and Penny gave us a walkthrough of the correct methods for food handling and labeling our honey to make it compliant with the law. Our field day included a very informative presentation by Duncan McCleod on American Foul Brood [AFB]. Duncan brought in a frame affected by AFB, showed the symptoms then demonstrated how to use the AFB test kit. Thanks to all for sharing this valuable info. Remember, AFB test kits are available in our beekeeping shop for a very reasonable price. These are important to identify AFB and deal with it at the very first opportunity.

Apiary Report

Our apiary officer has recently reported we currently have 9 spots for the bees with 7 current colonies. If weather permits, we will be opening the hives for a pre winter inspection this month at our field day so make sure you are there to see what you should be doing to prepare your hives too!

T&C's when Visiting

We are currently shooting footage for our short film on bees in our community. This means on field days and anytime you visit the apiary, we may be capturing more footage. Please be aware visitors and members to our apiary and museum are now subject to our terms and conditions. These terms are now published on our website and can be viewed here. You are advised to read and understand them completely before your next visit to our apiary and museum. If you have any questions relating to this, please contact us.

Volunteers Needed

We are in need of members who are able to assist with some events planned over the next few weeks.

Thursday 14 April to Sunday 17 April 2016 Sutherland Citizen Heritage Festival Artisans Exhibition at Club on East at Sutherland where the beekeepers are exhibiting along with other groups.

Sunday 1st May 2016 10am - 4pm Fine Food Fare, Peace Park Sutherland

Saturday 7 May 2016 10am-4pm There will be a Artisan Exhibition at the Tradies Club.

Sunday 29 May 2016 Illawarra Beekeepers Open Day at our Apiary and Museum, Sutherland

So if you can spare a few hours to assist, please speak to Lamorna or someone on the committee at our next meetings.
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Renew your Membership & Insurance Today!

We have noticed there are still a few members yet to renew their memberships and insurance, so if you haven’t already done so please make sure you renew ASAP. When you renew your membership remember if you wish to take out our recommended beekeepers insurance policy you must make sure you add the insurance option to ensure you are covered. For your convenience, all this including payment can be done online at the link below.

Renew Your Membership Today

Recycle Your Wax

Our club is planning some candle making, training and production with beeswax so we need your wax. Members are invited to donate any unwanted washed beeswax to the club that will go towards these sessions. Donations can be left at the club house.

Beginners Beekeeping Courses: A Few places left for May 2016
Due to popular demand, we have added 4 more places for our next Beekeeping Beginners Course for Sat 7 May 2016. This will be the last course before the current season ends, so if you want to reserve your spot in the course select the option on the beekeeping course page below!!

Beekeeping Beginners Course

We are now on Twitter: Follow Us

Over the summer break, we have set up a new twitter account where you can see all the news and up to date info from our club. We will also feature an exciting live feed soon. More info will be released there when it’s finalised but in the meantime you can find us on twitter @illabees so check us out there and follow us please.
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until next time...
See you all at our meetings soon. All the best in beekeeping to you all.
Emmanuel Farrugia [editor, the Buzz]

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