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September 2016

Greetings members and friends of the Illawarra Beekeepers Assoc. inc. and welcome another edition of “the Buzz” for 2016. We need your contributions so if you have anything to mention here, please contact us.

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Night Meeting: 7pm Thu 8 September 2016

Topics: Asian Bees
Presented by: Dr. Ros Cloag
Dr. Ros Cloag from the University of Sydney will talk about Asian Bees. We will also cover the latest news on the Asian Bees in Townsville. You can read more about Dr. Cloag and her work here.

Field Day: 10am Sun 25 September 2016

Agenda: Spring Hive Management
Spring is finally here. The nights are getting warmer, sunny days and there is a lot in bloom so your bees are busy collecting pollen, nectar and building their numbers. This month we will look at what you can expect to see at the start of spring and what you need to put in place to manage your colonies.

Club Library about to Open

Our club librarian Matt, has been putting in the hard yards sorting out our extensive library of books and periodicals. There is a lot of books including some very hard to find items in the library and items will be available to members to borrow. Details of the library and how it will work will be published here soon.

What We Did Last Month

Last month at our night meeting, we looked at the signs of swarming and measures you can take to manage swarms. Whilst at our Sunday field day we looked and learned about creamed honey. Thanks to Janice, Mick, Ted and everyone who brought along some samples and shared their creamed honey techniques.

Honey Extraction Kits

We now have 4 good honey extraction kits available for members. These kits include, a 3 frame honey extractor, heated knife, uncapping fork plus wax cap bag to spin excess honey from your wax. There is a bond plus a nominal fee of $20 to cover repairs and maintenance of the equipment. For more information please see Ivan in the bee keepers shop.

T&C's when Visiting

We are currently shooting footage for our short film on bees in our community. This means on field days and anytime you visit the apiary, we may be capturing more footage. Please be aware visitors and members to our apiary and museum are now subject to our terms and conditions. These terms are now published on our website and can be viewed here. You are advised to read and understand them completely before your next visit to our apiary and museum. If you have any questions relating to this, please contact us.

Detection of Varroa in Queensland

The NSW ABA club secretary, Dave Wilson, has been hard at work keeping members up to date with the varroa alerts in Queensland. As you know, varroa is probably the biggest threat to the bees world wide so it’s important to be aware of threats and learn how to detect them. The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) issue regular updates on this and many other important news. To find out the latest news on Apis cerana & Varroa Jacobsoni in Townsville [currently update 8] go to the link below.
View News Here

Membership & Insurance Half Price

If you are yet to to renew your membership and insurance please make sure you renew ASAP. The current rate is half the normal price so it’s a good time to update your membership now.

Renew Your Membership Today

Get Ready For Swarms

Spring is almost here and we have collected a list of members names who are able and willing to collect swarms when the calls come in for help. If you’d like your name added to the swarm collections list and you are qualified to do so, please let Geoff or one of the committee members know at the next branch meetings. Remember, you can also log into the ABA web site and add your name to the ABA statewide list at the link below.

View the ABA Link Here

Beginners Beekeeping Courses: Book Your Place Today!
We have already announced 2 courses for Spring 2016 and the September course is now fully booked out. BUT there is still a few places left for the October course so if you want to ensure a spot in this course select the option on the beekeeping course page below!!

Beekeeping Beginners Course

We are now on Twitter: Follow Us

Over the summer break, we have set up a new twitter account where you can see all the news and up to date info from our club. We will also feature an exciting live feed soon. More info will be released there when it’s finalised but in the meantime you can find us on twitter @illabees so check us out there and follow us please.
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until next time...
See you all at our meetings soon. All the best in beekeeping to you all.
Emmanuel Farrugia [editor, the Buzz]

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